1st Syzygy Earthquake Prediction
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Earthquake Predictions
New Prediction Board, Primary Posts must contain a Prediction, discussion is limited to followups on these.
16 30 Apr/20 at 03:36
Earthquake Predictions
Not necessarily sanctioned by Syzygy.
Prediction Evaluation
Study and debate of of Predictions and Methods.
Earthquake Sensitives Talk
If you experience symptoms prior to a quake, this is the place for you.
864 3681 Apr/20 at 04:10
Earthquake and other related Phenomena observed
370 1412 Apr/20 at 04:25
Disaster Preparedness
Share your useful ideas, items, and links, Preparing for Earthquakes or any other disasters.
12 28 Apr/20 at 01:34
Let's Talk
Related things to Earthquakes and Volcanoes that is not covered on a Topical Board here. A fill in the blanks Board
348 1361 Apr/20 at 04:30
Seismic Sentries
Known seismic sensitive pets.
107 351 Apr/19 at 20:46
Kathy Gori
A Los Angeles radio host that's shown a remarkable record on sensing local earthquakes.
6 10 Apr/19 at 21:55
Report a Shake
Here's the place to share in real time current earthquakes.
64 128 Apr/20 at 01:27
Quake Tales
Share with us your stories and personal experiences during during big events. Present or past.
12 20 Mar/31 at 12:16
Syzygy Dreams and Visions
Share your Dreams and/or Visions of the future.
53 293 Apr/20 at 03:23
Government Conspiracies
Share your thoughts, ideas, information, and rebutals.
29 92 Apr/20 at 03:19
Religious Prophesy Board
Prophecy coming from a Religious point regardless of what that religion is. Not necessarily sanctioned by Syzygy.
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Additional Boards
Friends, Jack Coles, News, Hikes & Trips, Books & Movies, Toys, etc...
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Tech Board
Technical questions, concerns, suggestions, and problems on the Syzygy Site.       Visitor Supplied Links
ALT Tech Board
Bookmark this one to cover the off chance that these Syzygy Boards go down.
31 74 Apr/17 at 19:40